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Enter Art Fair

Enter a World of Art

Enter a World of Art
Enter a world where the established commercial art industry meets progressive new artists. Enter Art Fair.

Client: Enter Art Fair
Year: 2022
Industry: Art


Graphic Design
Visual Identity Design

4th Edition
As Enter Art Fair opens its doors for the 4th time, we open up about creating their visual identity.

Since we launched in 2019 we have adapted and evolved the simple yet flexible design. Coloured squares with corner shadows create the illusion of depth and layers. Here, we utilise the logo arrow and make it interact with the “layers” to create a dynamic expression and a useful guide for the eye.

For this year’s edition, we have mixed past colour themes and put them together in a gradient, ultimately celebrating the progression of the art fair.

The name implies that we should step into a physical room with art, its creators and its curators. It's happening now (25th - 28th of August) and we encourage you to Enter.

Nanna Knudsen

Senior Client Manager

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