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Global Energy Company Goes Green

“It’s never been more clear that it is actually possible to create a world that runs entirely on green energy. And it is the right time to change our brand to demonstrate that we want to help create such a world.”

Henrik Poulsen, Ørsted CEO

A Concept Rooted in Danish History

Ørsted is an international company with a vision to create a world that runs entirely on green energy. Despite their global ambition, the brand is grounded in classic Danish values of humanity, commitment, curiosity, and responsibility.

The Danish design tradition and version of functionalism represent similar values and serve as inspiration for the brand. Just as functionalism in the 1930s was a significant break with earlier styles, Ørsted also breaks away from the category it is placed within. The result is an inventive, optimistic and bold brand that aims to redefine what a corporate brand within the traditional energy sector means.

A 360° Brand Experience

Working in close collaboration with Ørsted’s in-house design team, the contemporary yet classic brand is alive on every element from a digital brand centre through power plant signage to logos on ships, flags and numerous publications. Even guidelines for behavior in animation and sound have been made to secure the right feeling.

Ørsted Sans
The bespoke typeface is inspired by early 20th century Nordic modernist typefaces. It is geometric and easy to read with details and shapes inspired by wind.

Made for Human Interactions

From modular exhibition stands and receptions to HQ pillars, signage systems and wayfinding, every element is made with natural materials that only get better with time and use.

Plants and energy efficient solutions create an inviting experience and emphasise the environmental focus. In line with the concept, the elements are not made to push out monotone brand messaging, but rather to feel natural for their use.

A Constant Stream of Life

The graphical element lifestream is an ode to nature. Visualising Ørsted's core product, it reflects the forces when movement unleashes energy. Unpredictable like the beautiful starling formations that form when migratory birds cross continents, it is ever changing on all touch points.

Philip Linnemann

Executive Creative Director & Partner

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