39 years of craftsmanship from Copenhagen to Tokyo

Drop by our offices in the heart of Copenhagen, and you’ll have already immersed yourself in some of Kontrapunkt’s proud design heritage along the way - banks, pharmacies, museums and ministries, even the Danish Royal family bear the hallmarks of our craftsmanship. But our work transcends the streets of the Danish capital, taking our talented team of over fifty designers, strategists, technologists, and consultants on a journey that spans the globe - from cultural and governmental institutions, to big business and progressive scale-ups. Meanwhile, in Tokyo’s Omotesando, our colleagues in Japan busy themselves with leading brands, such as Nissan, Shiseido, Mitsubishi Motors and Tasaki. Humility, sensitivity and meticulous attention to detail is what brought us to Japan. What unites us is our shared willingness to partner with thought-leaders to create a new agenda and inspire positive impact on the world.

Our values

Every company has three values, right?

But in this case, we don’t just see them as superfluous to what we do. We insist on one aspect to our work. We believe it should be meaningful and impactful, not just for our clients’ shareholders but for the greater good. And we believe our values will provide us with the means to get there. If we’re courageous, curious and focused on craftsmanship, we believe, we can inspire and affect this change in others.


Bring it on.

When things get difficult, we tend to enjoy them a little more. This might be grappling with wayfinding for millions of busy passengers, fighting in the corner of a brave young scale-up on it’s way to becoming the next unicorn or waking a sleeping giant with new purpose and focus. The world is full of stuff that needs sorting out. And we are couragous enough to grasp those challenges with both hands.



Question: Can there be too many questions?

In our line of work, the ability to ask questions is a prerequisite for transformation. Could the boardroom conclusions be off the mark? Are we being too short-sighted? Could we do this differently? Our curiosity helps us define the essence of what we are trying to achieve, and how we might get there, whether that is a brand position or the narrative for a corporate report.



We reserve the right to be more than a little picky.

Craftsmanship is not something that neccessarily comes with experience. It comes with focus, dilligence and enthusiasm - qualities we look for in people whether they are fresh out of school or they have a CV as long as their arm. The willingness to worry, whittle and wonder your way to something that is slightly better than it was five minutes ago. Pixel by pixel. Stroke by stroke. Word by word.


Our offices

Japanese and Scandinavian roots. Global reach.

Excuse us for dropping the ‘d’ word, but we are a truly diverse company. Our physical presence spans the globe, from Tokyo to Copenhagen. And our work even broader, with clients across 20+ global markets. You’ll see this reflected in the people we are. Drop by our office in Denmark for a chat and you’ll be met with anything from a British, German, Polish, French or Japanese accent to a Kiwi or American twang. Not forgetting the Scandinavians of course.



Nikolaj Plads 2 1067 Copenhagen, Denmark



Sato House 2F, 5-3-14 Jingumae Shibuya-Ku Tokyo 150-001, Japan

Selected clients

Chamberlain Coffee
Novo Nordisk
True Anomaly
Mitsubishi Motors