It’s all about impact. Not least, the one we have on your business.

As architects of change, our responsibility lies not only with our own actions but with the impact our advice and services have on our clients’ businesses - the knock-on effect of what we do. A great idea, a well-crafted identity, a story well-told, all have the power to capture hearts and minds and bring about a crucial shift or pivot for a business. And in doing so, transform a business's impact.

It’s all about impact.  Not least, the one we have on your business.

Being a B Corporation

In October 2023, we joined the Nordic B Corp Movement by becoming B Corp certified, joining approx. 100 companies across Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland. However, a B Corp certification is no time rest. While we have done a lot so far, we are on a continuous journey to improve the way we conduct business and to use our capabilities as a force for good. We want to help our clients build movements for impact, and with our position and global reach, we believe we have a big responsibility to lead the way.



Beyond fundamental professional, strategic and cultural compatibility, there’s an ethical dimension to the choices we make as a business. We assess whether a project is right for both parties on a shared ambition to improve something.

It may even sound banal but we see it like this - having a genuine intention to create some kind of positive change is what’s most important to us. It’s central to our ambition and it needs to be central to those we work alongside. Whether that’s assisting Noma in the quest to lead the world in gastronomic quality and innovation, helping Copenhagen’s Metro in its role in sustainable transport or Ørsted in becoming a beacon of inspiration in the transition to renewable energy.

Can we imagine a sustainable, responsible direction for your industry together? Do we sense a mutual willingness to lead the way forward and create a change for the better? These simple yet pivotal considerations are imperative to a successful collaboration for us. And to get us off to a good start, it doesn’t need to be more complicated than an open and honest conversation.

Beyond this, we’ve also been willing to invest our time and resources in projects we feel deserve special attention or a helping hand. We feel that devoting our passion and energy to these projects and expanding our knowledge base always comes back, not just to us, but to all of our clients and hopefully, society as a whole.



As part of our efforts to be a good employer, we have launched several on-going initiatives that help us understand each other better and ensure Kontrapunkt is and fair and decent place to work.

We have on-going wellbeing surveys of everyone at Kontrapunkt. The findings help inform and guide us on stress-related issues and the general wellbeing of all employees at the company.

We also put inclusion and equality high on our agenda - not just because it’s the right thing to do. Because as a business built on understanding people and their behaviour, we feel we serve our clients best if we ourselves are diverse in our outlook and experience. Also, we know that contrasting opinions, personalities and backgrounds are exactly what a dynamic and fruitful creative process needs. More tangibly when it comes to recruitment, we operate with e.g. a gender decoder which ensures our job posts are as objective and unbiased as possible.



The science is clear: global carbon emissions need to decrease rapidly if we are to mitigate the growing climate crisis. It is a collective effort where all carbon emitters, big and small, have a role to play. So, in 2021 we initiated our CO2 reduction strategy to calculate, reduce, compensate our emissions.

To calculate our carbon emissions we partnered with Climaider, a carbon offset company. As an agency which does not produce, nor collaborate on, tangible assets, our carbon footprint is solely dependent upon our operations. So, we have mapped a set of initiatives which underpin our carbon reduction efforts. A flight-travel quota, a business deal with the all-electric taxi service Viggo, a fully vegetarian canteen and a switch to carbon-efficient suppliers are just some of our key initiatives.

We realise that it won’t be possible for us to completely eliminate our carbon impact - we have to compensate for unavoidable emissions through investments in carbon removal. To do so, we are partnering with Klimate on creating a carbon removal portfolio in which we invest in technologies such as bio-char, soil sequestration, forestation and blue carbon. Investing in these technologies not only allows us to remove carbon and neutralise our own carbon emission equation - it also allows us to invest in projects which improve conditions for e.g. biodiversity and job security.

Based on the Danish Climate Council’s recommendations for carbon emission fees we decided to self-impose an initial €220 pr. tCO2e fee.