A holistic approach to brand building

For a brand to be perceived as genuine, it needs to display four simple attributes -credibility, relevance, durability and uniqueness. We help businesses define and express these attributes in a compelling way through brand core, expression and experience. Our holistic approach results in a brand that has the ability to motivate and inspire consistently across all actions and touchpoints, whether that be your next product innovation, search for talent, annual report, or your organisation’s role in society.

Business Design

Ready for a reality check?

Johan Lawaetz
CEO & Partner, Copenhagen

Johan Lawaetz

The essence of any distinctive brand lies in a well-considered, solid foundation - or Brand Core. These guiding principles will help you make informed and consistent decisions when it comes to building your brand and the culture that’s born from it. How should new employees feel on their first day at work? Why should a politician trust your organisation? Does anyone understand what you committed to in your latest ESG report? Tricky questions indeed.

  • Communication Strategy

    Comms planning, Core story, Content strategy, Key messaging

  • Brand Strategic Consulting

    Brand Strategy, Research & Insights, Positioning, Value Proposition

  • Futures Design

    Strategic Foresight, Visioning, Scenario Design, Speculative Design

  • Employer Branding

    Value Proposition, Talent acquisition & retention, Guidelines & principles

  • Naming & Brand Architecture

    Hierarchy, Architecture, Principles

Brand Design

Ready for a fresh expression?

Nicoline Klareskov
Client Director & Partner

Nicoline Klareskov

Every emotionally engaging brand needs to express itself in its own memorable and unique way. Some of it should be instinctive. Some takes careful consideration. Based on the strategic decisions we’ve made together, we can spend time defining your brand expression through a multitude of specialist design disciplines and systems.

  • Storytelling & Tone of Voice

    Concept development, Scriptwriting, Copywriting, Brand manifesto

  • Bespoke Type Design

    Font design, Principles & hierarchy, Guidelines

  • Interior, Signage & Wayfinding

    Signage systems, Wayfinding, Spacial systems

  • Visual Identity

    Concept, Design elements, Guidelines & Principles

  • Digital Design Systems

    UI Design guide, Component Library, Principles

Experience Design

Enter the experience age!

Philip Linnemann
Executive Creative Director & Partner

Philip Linnemann

The ability to convey your brand’s purpose through meaningful and memorable experience. And to ensure these connections are instantly recognisable, through the insane clutter of everyday life, is no mean feat. We can help develop, plan and orchestrate brand experiences and create seamless cohesion between them. It might be an immersive onboarding experience or an insightful editorial piece. Whatever it is, it will be unmistakably yours.

  • Digital Products & Services

    Research, UX & UI design, Prototyping, Full-stack development

  • Content & Campaigns

    Content strategy, Content development, Editorial design, Branded content

  • Design Activation

    Implementation, Production, Brand management

  • Annual & ESG Reporting

    Narrative development, Art direction, Data visualisation, Layout

  • Culture & Change Management

    Stakeholder engagement, Cultural anchoring, Onboarding