A Kravling Award for timeless artistry

With his interactive Azulejo-generator, Eigil Nikolajsen wins a Kravling Award for bringing history, design and craftsmanship into the virtual world. It is timeless artistry made democratic.

My project, ‘Lisboa somos nós’ (Lisbon is us), strives to put the visual identity of the city of Lisbon into the hands of the people. This is achieved through an interactive azulejo-generator that provides a simple interface for the people of Lisbon to design their very own azulejo (traditional hand-painted tiles) in the space of infinite possibility. The identity is but a blank canvas for the people to fill.

Eigil Nikolajsen, Junior Creative Technologist

The Kravling Award is the most prestigious award for Danish media students. It is the smaller sibling of the Cavling Award given to journalists. Winners are awarded a Kravling Statuette, a statement from the jury and 10.000 DKK. Eigil was awarded the Kravling Award in Design 2023 for his work on the project ‘Lisboa somos nós’ for his innovative use of interactive elements and the inclusive spirit of the concept.


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Eigil Nikolajsen

Junior Creative Technologist

Eigil Nikolajsen