Drawing happiness

New year, new letters. Here’s a cheerful throwback made together with our friends and collaborators Wibroe, Duckert & Partners. Brimming with optimism and characterized by smile-like curves and structures, Orifont captures the essence of happy, healthy days.

Picture a typeface exuding optimism in both body and soul. With the Orifarm typeface, we’ve literally infused a smile – the symbol of happiness – into the very structure and body of the letters. Uppercase ‘A’ or lowercase ‘e’ exude an uplifting, cheerful vibe, and the ample proportions and gentle curves across the character set reflect an optimistic spirit in every word, mirroring Orifarm’s simple goal; for as many as possible, as healthy a day as possible.

Torsten Lindsø Andersen, Head of Type Design & Partner