Future Laboratory

Design has many faces. One that is becoming more apparent is the potential of being a potent problem-solving tool fit to tackle our past, current and future self-imposed problems. But the futures design thinking discourse needs a significant amount of imagination – enough to comprehend the incomprehensive. At Kontrapunkt, we have a growing curiosity for how to expand our own imagination by engaging in the intersection between future foresight and design. Tune in on our conversation about Futures Design and how it plays at Kontrapunkt as a design agency.

The Near Future Laboratory Podcast is hosted by Julian Bleecker, the dedicated strategy-oriented futurist with job descriptions ranging from multidisciplinary engineer, technologist product designer to creative strategist. As the founder of The Near Future Laboratory, his work evolves around creating digital products challenging the status quo:

The Near Future Laboratory is a distributed network of accomplished practitioners who come together through creative projects inspired by their curiosities, experiences, and expertise in design, engineering, anthropology and futures. We are best known as pioneers of design fiction and occasionally collaborate with organisations eager for more invigorated imaginaries about their strategic futures.

Julian Bleecker

It is kind of mesmerising once you lose yourself in the universe of The Near Future Laboratory, hence we were utterly honoured to have Bleecker inviting Jonas Schmidt, Senior UX Strategist at Kontrapunkt, and Philip Linnemann, Executive Creative Director & partner, to participate in his podcast, cocreating the 40th episode around the theme of Speculative Design — Futures Design.

Listen in on Jonas’ and Philip’s conversation on Futures Design and how it comes into play at Kontrapunkt as a design agency.