New creative stewardship at Kontrapunkt with Casper Willer as Creative Director

We’re excited to welcome Casper Willer in the position of Creative Director. Willer will be at the helm of “Storytelling and Communication”, leading the charge of brand narratives and Kontrapunkt’s ambition to create transformative movements. Willer’s distinct international mindset, talent for storytelling, and sense of sustainable foresight make him an invaluable addition to the team.

Casper Willer’s arrival at Kontrapunkt couldn’t have been more opportune. For some time now, Kontrapunkt has been steering its course toward inspiring meaningful change, seeking to resonate more deeply in the world. We’re poised to go even further with the addition of Casper Willer’s creative stewardship — both within our own walls and in the world at large.

I’m super excited to join the world-class team at Kontrapunkt and to be part of creating brand stories of the future. The momentum behind clients coming to our agency, looking to create strong movements that make a difference in the world, is truly a testimony to their ambitious vision. I cannot wait to take storytelling and communication to the next level.

Casper Willer, Creative Director

In the realm of creative leadership, few possess the unique blend of qualities that define Casper Willer. His unwavering curiosity, global perspective, and a touch of well-calibrated impatience set him apart as an entrepreneur who not only initiates creative projects but sees them through to their fullest potential. In his career, Willer has been the driving force behind innovation — and we're beyond thrilled to welcome this force at Kontrapunkt.

As Exec. Creative Director and Partner Philip Linnemann notes, Casper Willer’s role is pivotal in Kontrapunkt’s commitment to creating movements and inspiring others to do the same. This appointment represents a crucial step in the agency’s journey toward questioning the global status quo:

In the past years, we have developed Kontrapunkt’s strategic and creative services with the ultimate purpose of helping our clients become movement leaders. Narratives are an essential part of creating movements, and Casper brings a holistic toolbox of communication services and creativity to Kontrapunkt. We are excited to welcome Casper and explore the synergies. Casper naturally blends into many of our client programs, and it is nice to see how he contributes to us taking the lead agency role for our clients even further.

Philip Linnemann, Exec. Creative Director and Partner

Together, Kontrapunkt and Willer share a vision of corporate responsibility, emphasising the transformative power of impactful storytelling and comprehensive branding. Through our international accountability and digital-first approach, they prompt critical questions about creating movements for a promising future.

Casper Willer’s background includes co-founding and leading startups “Damn Good Coffee Company” and Prehype ventures for Carlsberg and Novozymes, as well as the agencies “Naked Communications”, “Another” and “La Familia”.